Knowledge session: BI in educational logistics

dinsdag 29 november - 11:00 - 12:00 - Online

Every educational institution has a wealth of information at its fingertips. Examples include:

  • Data from scheduling systems (room bookings, education planning)
  • Data from study tracking systems (enrolments, throughput data)
  • Miscellaneous data, such as capacity, room and building options and teacher deployability

Use of these data is often restricted to their original purpose – data from scheduling systems are used to manage the scheduling system and give users accurate information.

Combining and interpreting data from different systems helps to create new insights. With that information, it’s then possible to steer processes and take better considered decisions. Business Intelligence in education is still in its infancy but could offer considerable added value. It offers the option of guiding decision making in advance rather than ad hoc and on the basis of incomplete information.

In this knowledge session, we’ll look at the added value that Business Intelligence can bring to education. We’ll discuss the processes to which the data relate, the reliability of data and the added value of combined data from several perspectives:

  • Creating schedules
  • Monitoring room and building capacity
  • Student and teacher satisfaction/li>
  • Requested capacity versus actual usage
  • Finance

We’ll take a closer look at the options offered by, and the differences between, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive Business Intelligence.

To be able to translate the available data into actions, insight into the objectives is essential. In other words – what are the KPIs? In this session, we’ll discuss the extent to which the KPIs are known and if they dovetail with the available data and the processes. Doing this will give us a better idea of the added value of Business Intelligence in your organisation.

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